CASE STUDY: How I Went From $0 To $232,930.73 In Crypto With Three Easy To Understand Wealth Strategies

It's simple really...

You take your capital/money (no matter how much) and place it in a blockchain based investment that earns way more than your bank account or traditional stock market investing.

When Bitcoin first launched, it was laughed at an mocked for 10 years...

...but it kept going up in value (over 200% per year).

In-fact, I found A LOT traditional bankers and Wall Street goons made fun of early adopters.

Now, the tides have turned and institutional money is flooding into crypto like Niagra Falls.


Here's How I Can Help You...

I help everyday people turn their hard earned dollars into wealth, period.

This isn't rocket science folks.

You have capital that can turn into riches if you simply use the correct investment vehicle.

The real question is...

Why Aren't You Successful With Crypto Yet?

I know it's scary, it wasn't too long ago when I was exactly where you are.

It was 2008 and I was the sub-prime mortgage crisis had just wiped out my savings. I was upside down on my mortgage with a low paying, non-profit job.

So, I started my own business and once I had re-built my savings it was time to invest. I didn't trust the traditional banks or the government anymore.

The headlines and social media feeds full of crypto riches had my mouth watering...

But my income was limited...

Limited in terms of the money I could make.

Limited in terms of how much work I could do.

Limited by having access to opportunities that the traditional system blocked me from.

And So My Journey Began!

I wish I could tell you I was an overnight success, I wasn't. 😂

Over 12 months I researched, watched every YouTube video, bought a few courses, joined about 100 challenges, bootcamps, and Facebook groups.

I bought all the fancy chart software, got all the fancy tech.

The longer I waited, the more "FOMO" I had.

So, I finally bought my first crypto and I'm so glad I did.

It Was The Single Most Profitable Thing I Had Ever Done. 🤑

I left a lot of money on the table by over analyzing.

You see, the single greatest thing you can do is to simply take action. Especially when you are first getting into crypto.

But, I have to give myself some grace because I faced the common obstacles that maybe you are facing now like:

- Not knowing what to invest in

- Not knowing where to buy crypto

- Not understanding the technology

- Not knowing who to trust or where to research

- Not understanding the vocabulary

So I taught myself. The hard way.

I paid the crypto "stupid tax" out of my own pocket.

Did you know that there are actual strategies that the pros use to dominate crypto profits?

That's right, there are people that know things that they aren't sharing (because that's how they win)!

Well guess what? We are sharing our exact strategies that we've used to build an 6 and 7-figure crypto business portfolios.


How We Can Help You Profit With Crypto...

From The Desk of Josh Rhodes

Founder & CEO of Crypto Y'all

First, let me congratulate you on finding this page, I genuinely believe this is going to be a defining moment for you!

One thing I want to get right out of the way before you go any further...

I tell it like it is and I will not BS you!

Not everyone likes that about me but I've realized it's the best thing I can do for you.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I have acquired investing and entrepreneurial skills that have created over 7-Figures in multiple businesses. I've done it for myslef, I'v coached dozens of others to do it for themselves.

So let's get right to it...

A Few Things I Offer...

Bitcoin Profit Secrets Course

The Complete Guide To Mastering And Profiting From Bitcoin

Crypto 101 Masterclass

Know What Crypto To Buy and How To Buy It

Blockchain Secrets

The Ultimate Guide To Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and The Future of The Internet.

Metaverse Property Audio Recording

Crypto real estate value explained
People Who Want To Model Someone Who Is A Couple Steps Ahead of Them In Crypto Investing
People That Don't Want To Waste Money On Bad Investments
People Who Want To Get In Early On Crypto Before It Becomes The Next Amazon, Google or Apple
People Who Want Clarity On The First (or Next) Step With Crypto

Does This Sound Like You?

If so, you're in the right place!

People Who Aren't Ready To Make A Change And Want To Keep Status Quo As Their Standard
People Who Think They Know It All
People Who Are Trying To Get Rich Over Night Without Investment of Time, Research and Resources
People Who Aren't Teachable and Open To New Ways of Thinking About Investment

Does This Sound Like You?

That's OK. We understand that we are not a good fit for everyone. We wish you all the luck in the world!


 "If you are looking for a trustworthy community of crypto investors, Josh has created an incredible platform for you. His track record and experience as an investor and business owner speaks for itself."

Nils Smith - Crypto Investor and Marketer - New York

"Josh has created the on-ramp to crypto I've been waiting on ever since I first discovered what Bitcoin actually is. I needed someone to give me confidence, show me possible pitfalls and how to do my own research. Now I can take my crypto investing journey into my own hands."

 Joshua Taylor - Corporate Sales - Birmingham, AL
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Common Questions

Don't know how to invest in crypto? We'll show you where and how.

I don't want to get scammed. How will you help me? We will show you the safest way to invest and spot bad players.

What if I don't know how to set proper goals with crypto? We will show you how and what to expect.

I don't know crypto lingo, is that ok? Yes, we make things "country simple" and will get you on level playing field.

Don't know what the next crypto super trend is? Our community is full of crypto nerds that will keep you up to date with the latest and greatest information.
Meet Your Coach

Josh Rhodes, Founder of Crypto Y'all

- Full Time Crypto Investor
- 7-Figure CEO Coach and Business Owner
- Experience Ranking Companies On INC 5000 List
- Sales Funnel Expert and Over $3 Million In Paid Advertising
- Author of
- Clickfunnels Two Comma Club
 Get Into Crypto Investing Without Intimidation And Fear
I started my businesses and quickly scaled to 7-Figures inside of 10 months...this was years ago.  Now, I'm a full time crypto investor managing my portfolio and a community of like-minded crypto investors.

I love transferring what I've learned since 2018 in the crypto markets.
What if I don't know how to invest in crypto? We will show you how.
I don't want to get scammed. How will you help me? We will show you the safest way to invest and spot bad players.
What if I don't know how to set proper goals with crypto? We will show you how and what to expect.
I don't know crypto lingo, is that ok? Yes, we make things "country simple" and will get you on level playing field.
Don't know what the next crypto super trend is? Our community is full of crypto nerds that will keep you up to date with the latest and greatest information.
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